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About Seferihisar

Seferihisar is located within the borders of İzmir in the Aegean region. The oldest settlement on Seferihisar

district grounds is Teos, thought to be a Carian city, established by Cretans that escaped from the Akas in 2000 B.C. Among Seferihisar’s strong points are its famous mandarins, its sun, rich geothermal and wind energy resources, and historical riches. The reason behind the fact that the unplanned development on the Aegean and Mediterranean shores has not effected it is that archaeological sites and military zones surround Seferihisar.


Cittaslow Seferihisar

The term Cittaslow, derived from the Italian word Citta (city) and the English word Slow, means calm city. The Cittaslow network of 20 countries and 134 members is a city association formed due to the Slow Food movement, which prevents the elimination of local characteristics, the standards of locals and their life styles, and the city texture from globalisation. Towns and cities that wish to take a stand on the world stage while protecting their characteristics and local identities, and not wanting to become another element in the homogeneous environment created by globalisation join this association. Cittaslow, determines the areas that different cities are important and special, and then develops a strategy to conserve these characteristics. It is a case of locals and those visiting the city experiencing the city texture, its colour, its music, and its story in harmony and enjoying it. It is about sharing local crafts, tastes, and arts with our children and guests and not just leaving them as memoirs belonging to older generations. The use of clean and renewable energy resources that are not harmful to the environment and people, are encouraged in member countries of Cittaslow association. In Turkey, the concept of Cittaslow became a road map for local governments, and protects the future of the towns. The Cittaslow concept prevents individuals from forgetting their traditions and customs in the name of becoming fast and modern as well as conserving the values of the city for unplanned urbanization, earning money and becoming a part of globalisation.

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